This masculine Discovery Collection by Parfums de Marly is a curation of vibrant and creative scent compositions with some of the most beautiful and rare essences. The selection includes four of Parfums de Marly's best sellers, each of which is featured in a 10ml vial. The collection is perfect not only for the discovery of the scents but for travel and gifting. The masculine fragrances include Layton, Pegasus, Herod and Percival.

Layton - A Parfums de Marly signature fragrance enhanced by the natural elegance of pink pepper.

Pegasus - An oriental fern elevated by animal, smoked and creamy notes.

Herod - Leaves behind a delicate sillage which is both warm and bold.

Percival - The fresh, sensual and refined scent of a great aromatic fragrance, sublimated by musk and woody spices.

Parfums de Marly revives and updates the tradition of exceptional perfumery to reflect modernity with a clear concept of aesthetics. Founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher, Parfums de Marly is a perfumery brand which conjures up a dreamlike state with its 'signature' fragrances. The brand holds a strong position and its eau de parfum concepts are short, striking, direct and clear, in which Julien Sprecher's favourite ingredients can be found.

Layton Eau de Parfum: Alcohol Denat., Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol, Linalool, Coumarin, Citronellol, Citral, Geraniol

Pegasus Eau de Parfum: Alcohol Denat., Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Limonene, Linalool

Herod Eau de Parfum: Alcohol Denat., Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Linalool, Geraniol, Limonene, Cinnamal, Eugenol

Percival Eau de Parfum: Alcohol Denat., Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water), Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol, Coumarin, Citral, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, Cinnamal, Eugenol

Made in France

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